Professional Floor Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Do you miss the look of your flooring when you first moved in? Many homeowners do. But due to many years of heavy foot traffic, movement of furniture, and other causes of impact and heavy friction, your flooring will look worn down and dull. Instead of ripping up the flooring and having all new flooring installed, utilize our wonderful floor refinishing services to restore your flooring to its bright, clean, and presentable condition.

Vinyl Floor Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Our professional vinyl floor refinishing services are one of the most efficient ways to restore your flooring and make it look as good as new. Our process starts with a thorough assessment of the damage done to the floor, then our experts will determine the best suitable solution for your home, apartment, or condo. Choosing a professional to refinish flooring is a good option for homeowners who are looking for ways to renew and improve their dull, scuffed, and dirt vinyl floors. Our finish services will bring the beauty of your Dallas, Texas flooring back to life and offer some protection against future damages.

Floor Refinishing in Dallas Texas
Floor Refinishing in Dallas Texas

Laminate Floor Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Laminate flooring can be a beautiful addition to your Dallas, Texas household although it does come with some caveats. Like many other kinds of flooring, laminate flooring has a lifespan of around 15-20 years depending on its quality and can take a beating during those years. Maintaining good-looking laminate flooring can be difficult which is why we offer Dallas, Texas, and its surrounding areas with laminate floor refinishing services. These services will give your flooring the beauty and shine it once had when it was first installed. Take pride in your property by investing in its value. We believe that our incredible laminate flooring skills will make us a valuable asset to the well-being of your Dallas, Texas residence.

Tile Floor Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Have you noticed that over the years the tile flooring in your Dallas, Texas home has worn down to a dull, bleak, and almost matte finish? Aside from its durability, the value in tile comes from its shiny polished look; however after years of exposure to friction this beautiful finish is diminished. Luckily for you, this loss of visual quality is not entirely permanent. The qualified technicians at Kitchen & Bath Restoration offer the Dallas, Texas residential and commercial areas with professional tile floor refinishing services that will restore and renew that encapsulating shine from your tile floor. Reach out to our crew today for more information about these wonderful services.

Floor Refinishing in Dallas Texas