Professional Wall Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Do your walls look like they’ve seen battle? We understand the dangers that walls are put in when raising a family or pets which is why Kitchen & Bath Restoration offers the Dallas, Texas region quality wall refinishing services. These services take care of chips, dents, upcoming artist renditions from young ones, and more!

Vinyl Wall Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Fading or damaged vinyl wall panels can be detrimental to the overall look of your Dallas, Texas home and can be difficult to repair or replace on your own. Save the time, money, and stress of attempting to do it yourself by choosing our team of restoration professionals to take care of any vinyl wall refinishing and restorations for you at a competitive rate. We take pride in improving the home lives of our clients by using our experience in the restoration industry to provide solutions from simple touch-ups to complex repairs.

Wall Refinishing in Dallas Texas
Wall Refinishing in Dallas Texas

Laminate Wall Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Refinishing laminate walls can breathe new life into your Dallas, Texas home but it can be a tricky task due to paint and other materials having a hard time sticking to the surface of the laminate. This is where our expert's quality workmanship shows through. Our immaculate techniques and equipment allow for the proper application of paints, finishes, and repairs. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable laminate wall refinishing and restoration services so you can improve your home environment and standard of living. Learn more by contacting our team today.

Tile Wall Refinishing in Dallas, TX

Tile walls are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any Dallas, Texas residence. Whether it's a backsplash in your kitchen or a wall in your bathroom, our top-notch craftsmen can provide professional refinishing services to regain the lost shine and beauty that the tiles provided when they were initially implemented. Whether you’re trying to maintain the appealing look of your primary residence or looking to flip an investment property, our range of restoration and refinishing services will provide great value to your endeavor. We are eager to take on new challenges in order to expand our knowledge in the restoration field. Contact us today.

Wall Refinishing in Dallas Texas